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In 1978 a Famous Joker(John)And His Wife was running a Carnival Show in the city.On full moon day, a private company arranged a magic show in their company. A Joker and his wife are getting ready for the knife throwing show.At the beginning of the show they don't know what the hell is going to happen.In the middle of the show a joker throws a knife towards his wife, but unfortunately. A knife hits on his wife,and she died. But his wife's soul was struck in that particular place. Years passed away. After his wife's death a joker can't survive his life, so he decided to die on the same full moon day and same place. Assistant(Mr.Sam)of the joker and his wife. He need help of joker and his wife, so he decided to bring back of their soul, but he need to give Human sacrifice. (A child need to sacrifice her soul to bring back the joker and his wife). Mr.Sam is searching for a pure child's soul. (The years were passing by)(clouds are passing.....). Later in 1999, A lady went to the carnival with her child, to enjoy the weekend.They step into the scary home to enjoy the thrill,While they returns back a door was closed and,child struck in scary room,

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